A mommy’s job is never done

When the kids are all asleep in their beds you get the “ahhhh” feeling. The feeling that you can finally relax….












Then you see the blocks still on the floor, the clothes that need to be put in the laundry room, the dishes in the sink, and realize you have no time to relax.

You’re a mommy and although you’ve been taking care of the kids all day, your job is not done once they go to bed. You now have to take your mommy hat off and put on your maid hat. Its time to clean up the house.

You try to convince yourself that you can get up before the kids and clean in the morning. Or you can put it off until the kids take a nap. But you know neither of those scenarios are realistic. If you don’t do it now it won’t get done and it will all start piling up. So even though you’re exhausted from running after kids all day, and your kids and your husband are soundly asleep. You clean. You clean the dishes, the counters, clean up the clothes, the toys. Make sure nothing is left on the floors.

The more you clean the more exhausted you get, but you know you can’t stop until it’s all done.

When you’re finally done you realize its 1am and you have to get your husband up for work in a few hours, and after that the kids will be awake again. You lay in bed trying to sleep but your mind won’t shut off. It worries about money and bills, thinks about the bad things or losses that may have accord that day. Thinks about how in a few hours you have to do it all over again.

A mommy’s job is never done, even when she’s finally asleep her dreams remind her of what’s to come.

Being a mommy is tiring, add in the house work and all that and its downright exhausting. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our babies are our world and….our jobs are never done….


One thought on “A mommy’s job is never done

  1. This is so so true. When my LO falls asleep I am going crazy with house work. When I can finally have few minutes for myself I realise it’s so late I need to sleep. Like you said we don’t quite sleep. We think. And in the morning it all starts again. I wouldn’t have it any other way though


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