How do you know, if you don’t really know?

The other day I was asked what’s the difference between therapeutic and clinical grade essential oils, and why do people still prefer theraputic grade over clinical grade? In all honesty I couldn’t answer those questions. I don’t know the difference as far as we know theraputic and clinical are in name only. I mean they … More How do you know, if you don’t really know?

Overwhelmed Mama

I don’t usually share my thoughts and feelings when I have a day like today but something told me I needed to let it all out. So here it goes…. I haven’t left the house since Tuesday of last week, here it is 3am on the following Monday. Yea I’ve been stuck in the house … More Overwhelmed Mama

Monday ugh!

How many of you woke up this morning dreading the day because it was Monday? The start of most 9-5 work weeks. Time to go to work and miss spending time with your family for a paycheck. A paycheck that barley pays anything. I know how you feel. I used to feel the same way. … More Monday ugh!