Starting with Young Living Essential Oils

Are you wondering how you can get your hands on some of these wonderful oils? Well let me tell you all about it….


When you get it into your mind that you want to use essential oils for your every day health and wellness you start to think about what exactly you want these oils to help with. One oil can usually help with one issue, such as using RC for a cough, Lavender for sleep. But what if you have multiple things you want help with? Because essential oils are a part of everyday health and wellness there is not a way for one oil to help with everything. Buying individual oils for each issue could get pricey. Well this is where I come in to help you make the best possible choices.

For those of us that want different oils for different issues I suggest getting the Young Living premium starter kit. This kit includes oils that can help with sleep, pain, cuts, bruises, snoring, and so much more. Now this kit does not solve every wellness issue but it does cover a lot and is the right place to start with your essential oil journey, and it comes with a diffuser. Plus as a member you can get all of this for 24% off!!!!

Young Living Premium Starter Kit Includes: Dewdrop Diffuser, Premium Essential Oils Collection; Lavender 5-ml, Peppermint Vitality 5-ml, Lemon Vitality 5-ml, Copaiba Vitality 5-ml, Frankincense 5-ml, Thieves® Vitality 5-ml, Purification 5-ml, R.C. 5-ml, DiGize Vitality 5-ml, PanAway 5-ml, Stress Away 5-ml, AromaGlide Roller Fitment, 10 Sample Packets, 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards, 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles, 2 NingXia Red 2-oz. samples, Product Guide and Product Price List, Essential Oil Magazine, Essential Edge, Member Resources

Of course this is not the only way to start with essential oils, but is the most efficient. However, if you only want or need one oil then you can sign up for a retail account, but will not get the 24% off.

If you enroll with me you will get access to our secret Facebook education group full of other members sharing their personal experiences and great recommendations. I will also send you FREE care package, with resources, important information, and a little gift from me. I am here to help and answer any and all questions you may have.


To get started:

  • Click here and enroll. It is very easy to do and does not take long.
  • Decide if you want the member or retail account. Member is automatically selected and is the account you would want for the premium starter kit. However, if you only want one oil then make sure you change the selection to retail.
  • Select your country and language. My sponsor and enroller ID (11139433) is already filled in for you. Please do not delete or change these. This is so I know you are my customer and I can send you your care package.
  • Members, choose the diffuser you want. The dewdrop diffuser is included but you can choose to upgrade to a fancier one if you wish. You also have the option to add a monthly delivery, this is optional and you can always add it later if you wish.
  • Fill in your member info. Add your sign in info. You’re asked for your SSN for tax purposes only if you wish to share with friends, this is completely optional! Young Living will pay you commission if you make any sales and the federal government has to know your SSN if you make a certain amount in a year. This is never shared with anyone. Click Agree and continue.
  • Shipping and Payment. Make sure this information is filled in correctly.
  • Confirm your order. Makes sure all the information you entered is correct and confirm.
  • Checkout. If you want to make money off this investment then learn how here. Otherwise you are all done, now you wait for your order to come in the mail!!


As soon as I see that you have enrolled I will get your care package sent out to you. This will include a colorful book that talks about all of the oils in the premium starter kit as well as other Young Living products that you may be interested in, some flyers talking about the Young Living oils which you can share with friends and family. Some welcome gifts and a personalized letter from me. I can’t wait to be a part of your Young Living Essential Oils support group, and welcome you to the team!

*Note: We are not doctors. We cannot cure anything. Our success stories are purely based off of our own experiences.


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