Starting your own Young Living Business


The best thing about starting your own Young Living business is that you no longer have to worry about losing your job if you move or get pregnant!!

If you are someone who moves a lot like my family does then you know that job security is a real issue. When my husband and I moved from TX to NC he tried to get his job transferred. four months later and it never got transferred and he had to find a new job.

Also those of us that are mothers know that maternity leave is not that long and in some jobs is non-existent. When I was pregnant with my 2nd son I was high risk and had to go on maternity leave 4 months before my due date. My job at the time did not approve my extended maternity leave and I lost my job.

Thankfully I no longer have to worry about any of that, and those are just some of the perks. Another good thing about starting your own Young Living business is that you are your own boss, there are no quotas to fill, and all you have to do is share the products you love with your friends and family. Your own success stories are the key to a successful business.

To start your own Young Living business you must first purchase the premium starter kit. This will give you the Young Living membership with the 24% off retail price of all of the Young Living products. This will also give you the chance to make commission off of sharing the oils with friends and family.

These are the 10 every day oils that come in the premium starter kit

After you receive your kit, start using your oils and share the ones that work for you. When your friends and family hear how your oils work for you they will be intrigued. If they decide to buy from you then Young Living will send you $50 commission and guess what? You just started your own Young Living business!

Still not convinced? Check out the Young Living’s worldwide income disclosure for 2015.


You earn the highest commission from the people you enroll directly under you. However, you also receive a percentage of commission from those that enroll under them. The more your team grows the more your income grows. When you reach a certain level in the business then you also become eligible for bonuses.

Essential oils are so potent that they must be used correctly and safely. Therefore it is important to have someone train you. This person will be the person you enroll under, or order from. You may be the kind of person that has no problems with sharing and finding interested people, which is great! But Young Living Essential Oils are different than any other essential oils. You will need someone to help you explain things to you and help you explain things to your customers as well. My enroller, or my angel as I like to call her, has helped me so much within my business. She has given me resources to learn how to use my oils as well as answer every question I have ever had. She has helped me kit off my business and gave me all of the knowledge needed to help my own customers.

I would definitely like to do all of this for you. Enrolling under me will give you access to our secret Facebook group that is full of Young Living members that share their own success stories. I will also send you resources and flyers that tell you all about the essential oils in your kit. You will also receive a personalized letter and a gift from me. The best part is I will be with you every step of the way to answer any and all questions you may have.


  • Click here and enroll. It is very easy to do and does not take long.
  • Choose member. Member is automatically selected and is the account you want for the premium starter kit.
  • Select your country and language. My sponsor and enroller ID (11139433) is already filled in for you. Please do not delete or change these. This is so I know you are my customer and I can send you your care package.
  • Choose the diffuser you want. The dewdrop diffuser is included but you can choose to upgrade to a fancier one if you wish. You also have the option to add a monthly delivery, this is optional and you can always add it later if you wish.
  • Fill in your member info. Add your sign in info. You’re asked for your SSN for tax purposes only. Young Living will pay you commission if you make any sales and the federal government has to know your SSN if you make a certain amount in a year. This is never shared with anyone. Click Agree and continue.
  • Shipping and Payment. Make sure this information is filled in correctly.
  • Confirm your order. Makes sure all the information you entered is correct and confirm.
  • Checkout. It’s that simple.

be-your-own-bossThis business can be the answer to all of your prayers. You have the say in how much or how little income you make. You also have the say in how hard you want to work. Be your own boss, be your own advocate. Learn all you can and help your customers do the same.

The absolute best part of my job is that I do not have to be away from my two precious boys at all!16002800_10154230159706728_8318613923862041736_n

*Note: We are not doctors. We cannot cure anything. Our success stories are purely based off of our own experiences.


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